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1 trial class (Mandarin or BM) 


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【Little Master】1-to-1 online class program|BC or BM or English
【小状元】一对一网课流程 | 华语、国语  、英语

Step 1: Flashcards, identifying words
Teaching kids the topic of the day with a more fun and relaxing way.
步骤 1: 字卡,认字

Step 2: Educational games, interact to know each other
Suitable amount of rests will be able to help children to absorb knowledge learnt on that day.
 2: 益智游戏, 互动交流

Step 3: Worksheets, writing
Help kids to learn to apply what they have learnt, this can enhance and boost the memory of the children to remember what they have learnt.

步骤 3: 作业,写作


At Little Master, our classes are carried out on a 1-to-1 basis, all classes are conudcted by our group of professional and dedicated teachers. Teachers only talk about the part that the students do not understand. By doing so, we can trigger the kids to practice their problem-solving skills and also help the kids to have interest in learning the subject.   

在小状元,我们的网课都是一对一进行,所有的网课都是由我们受过专业训练的老师引导的。 老师只讲孩子不会的地方,这样可以激发孩子解决问题的斗志 ,也能引起孩子的学习兴趣。   

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