Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 【小状元】适合几岁的小孩?
    What is the age limit for kid to attend the online learning classes at Little Master?

    Little Master is a perfect place for children who aged 4 - 12 years old to help them to build their language foundation in a interactive way. We help them to apply what they have learnt and increase their confidence and satisfaction.
  2. 需要其它报名费、年费或购买入门配套吗?
    Do I need to pay for registration fees, annual miscellaneous fees or purchase any starter kit?

    You can directly purchasing the package, there is no other cost for online learning.
  3. 买后如何开始上网课?
    How to start online class after purchased?

    Our customer service will contact you within 24 hours (working day) and arrange online classes timetable for your kid.
  4. 一堂课为时多久?
    How long does a class duration?

    1对1真人在线教学一概30分钟。我们的网课都是一对一进行,所有的网课都是由我们受过专业训练的老师引导的。 我们将针对您孩子的学习能力个性化我们的辅导与教程,从根本上解决孩子的问题。
    Our online learning classes are carried out on a 1-to-1 basis, each class will take 30 minutes, all classes are conducted by our group of professional and dedicated teachers.
  5. 上课需要准备什么?
    What do I need to prepare for online class?

    Wifi, computer/tablet, notebook and stationery.
  6. 上课需要什么软件?
    What software do I need for online class?

    Zoom Meeting,请按这里下载 (https://zoom.us/download)。
    Zoom Meeting, please click here to download (https://zoom.us/download)
  7. 上课时间可以更改吗?
    Can the class time be changed?

    After the class time is arranged with us, we are not encouraged to change it. If necessary, please inform the teacher in advanced.
  8. 当上课遇到问题应该怎么处理?What should I do if I encounter problems in class?
    可以联系我们的客服或咨询我们的老师。You can contact our customer service or consult our teacher.
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